Punto Urbano Hostel 评语
Av. Godoy Cruz 326 (Mendoza) 5500

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员工素质: 5 员工素质 清洁程度: 5 清洁程度 物有所值: 5 物有所值
服务水准: 5 服务水准 舒适程度: 5 舒适程度

Great Hostel! Loved everything about it!

员工素质: 4 员工素质 清洁程度: 4 清洁程度 物有所值: 4 物有所值
服务水准: 4 服务水准 舒适程度: 4 舒适程度

Friendly staff, good price, located close to downtown Mendoza (microcentro)

Bathroom was really gross, bed was uncomfortable, took time for breakfast to begin which was complicated with trying to do activities that began early

员工素质: 2 员工素质 清洁程度: 2 清洁程度 物有所值: 2 物有所值
服务水准: 2 服务水准 舒适程度: 2 舒适程度

Breakfast was not bad.

Really expensive for what you get; No towels, no toilet paper, dirty shower; Cover on the bed was dirty; No point to relax in the room: no room, lamp was not working, tinny bunk beds, no tv; Tv room downstairs was really small.