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Avra Hotel Reviews
Vasileos Konstadinou 4-6 (Tinos Town) 84200

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Staff: 5 Staff Clean: 5 Clean Value for money: 5 Value for money
Services: 5 Services Comfort: 5 Comfort

The hotel has a long history for almost a century which impressed us a lot and added a precious sense for the building we chose to stay. The old red carpet stairs leading to the rooms, the wall paintings and antique furniture (I guess from the old hotel) still used in the public spaces remind the visitors of the history of the hotel. The hotel is perfectly situated at the center of the town (Chora of Tinos) right in front of the old harbor, providing easy access to all interesting places but also to restaurants, shops etc. The rooms are perfectly equipped and the view of the outdoor rooms is very "relaxing". Personally, I enjoyed watching from my balcony the, windy though, deep blue sea and the ferries arriving at the isle. The hotel provides with breakfast which is self-serviced in the leisure of your room terrace/balcony. Indeed those gathering at the indoor picturesque terrace resembled a happy morning in a village, the best way to start your day. We really appreciated the staff who were very friendly and ready to respond even to last minute requests.

It's a pity there was no leaflet with the history of the hotel. The reception should be renovated compared to the quality of the rest of the hotel, especially it's history, but this is just a minor comment since the hotel was overall very good. Minor improvements with the breakfast which was anyway descent could help too.

Staff: 5 Staff Clean: 5 Clean Value for money: 5 Value for money
Services: 5 Services Comfort: 5 Comfort

1.It had a beatiful balcony with a perfect view to the sea and the island. 2.Good value for money. 3.Very friendly staff.

1. Poor breakfast

Staff: 2 Staff Clean: 2 Clean Value for money: 2 Value for money
Services: 2 Services Comfort: 2 Comfort

Perfect central location and sea view. Value for money, friendly staff!