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Montserrat, Gaudi and Modernism Small Group Day Trip from Barcelona

Starting from 55,00 € per person
Montserrat, Gaudi and Modernism Small Group Day Trip from Barcelona The Montserrat, Gaudi and Modernism tour is a unique chance to combine two of Barcelona's most iconic attractions: the stunning Montserrat and the extraordinary genius of Anton Gaudi, all in a small and personal group.

In the morning you will visit the unmistakable Montserrat, home to the famous Black Virgin. But this visit is much more than that. Discover silent paths, stunning views over the 'stone needles', and secret corners on this unforgettable spiritual mountain retreat. 

After lunch, you will journey to the Colonia Guell, one of the most complete but also most forgotten works of Gaudi. Escape from the waiting lines, from the crowds, and the souvenir shops. Thanks to this remote location in the middle of a pine forest, this Gaudi masterpiece has escaped the mass tourism you will normally find at his other works.

Finally, finish the day in Park Guell, the magical city garden in Barcelona designed by Anton Gaudi and featuring some of his most creative design. See the famous mosaic lizard and strange 'Gingerbread Houses' that enchant visitors of all ages. You can choose to end your tour with a longer stay at Park Guell, or after a short stay return to central Barcelona.


8 hours 30 minutes


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Barcelona, Spain