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Hotels in Tonga Accommodation

Why not choose from a wide selection of accommodation in Tonga with guaranteed cheapest rates online? Our accommodation types range from Tonga 1* star Hotels , Tonga 2* star Hotels , Tonga 3* star Hotels , Tonga 4* star Hotels , Tonga 5* star luxury Hotels , Tonga Apartments , Tonga Bed and Breakfast , Tonga Guest accommodation , Tonga Resorts .

Popular areas in Tonga

Accommodation is available throughout Tonga including most popular areas such as Nuku‘alofa , Ha‘avakatolo , Neiafu , Kanokupolu , Fua‘amotu , Utungake , Ha‘alalo , Tongatapu , Tofoa , Lotofoa , ‘Ohonua , Vava‘u Group , Uoleva Island , Toula and other areas.

Recommended Hotels in Tonga

Nuku‘alofa   (all hotels in Nuku‘alofa)

Little Italy Hotel from US$ 82.99
Lagoon Lodge from US$ 60
Olini Lodge from US$ 45.90
Malau Lodge from US$ 59
Villa Apartments Eastside from US$ 0
Villa Apartments Westside from US$ 0
Emerald Hotel & Restaurant from US$ 98
Tungi Colonnade Hotel from US$ 90
Robyanne's Lodge from US$ 60
Meida Hotel from US$ 90

Ha‘avakatolo   (all hotels in Ha‘avakatolo)

Likualofa Beach Resort from US$ 87
White Sands Beach Resort from US$ 62.70
Kolovai Beach Resort from US$ 25

Neiafu   (all hotels in Neiafu)

Vava'u Villa from US$ 50
Mandala Resort from US$ 299
The Beach House, Tonga from US$ 0
Boathouse Apartments from US$ 110
Oceansong House from US$ 0
Hilltop Hotel from US$ 45
Hakula Lodge from US$ 150

Kanokupolu   (all hotels in Kanokupolu)

Otuhaka Beach Resort from US$ 80
Holty's Hideaway Ha'atafu from US$ 0

Fua‘amotu   (all hotels in Fua‘amotu)

Scenic Hotel Tonga from US$ 131

Best Selling Hotels in Tonga

from US$ 82.99
Vuna rd, Kolomotu'a, Nuku‘alofa
Offering free unlimited Wi-Fi and free cooked and continental breakfast, the waterfront Little Italy Hotel is just 2 minutes’ drive from Nuku'alofa city centre. It features a well-known Italian restau... more info on Little Italy Hotel »

from US$ 60.00
Umusi Road, Fanga’uta Lagoon, Ma’ufanga, Nuku‘alofa
Lagoon Lodge offers fully furnished self-catering apartments on the shores of Fanga’uta Lagoon, just a 5-minute drive from Nuku’alofa town centre. All apartments have a balcony with garden and lagoon ... more info on Lagoon Lodge »

from US$ 87.00
Kanokupolu, Western District, Ha‘avakatolo
Liku'alofa Beach Resort sits on the west coast of Tongatapu, fringed with palm trees, surrounded by a lush tropical garden and white sandy beaches. Overlooking the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean, Liku'a... more info on Likualofa Beach Resort »