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Hotels in Moldova Accommodation

Why not choose from a wide selection of accommodation in Moldova with guaranteed cheapest rates online? Our accommodation types range from Moldova 2* star Hotels , Moldova 3* star Hotels , Moldova 4* star Hotels , Moldova 5* star luxury Hotels , Moldova Apartments , Moldova Bed and Breakfast , Moldova Guest accommodation , Moldova Hostels , Moldova Motels , Moldova Residences , Moldova Resorts .

Popular areas in Moldova

Accommodation is available throughout Moldova including most popular areas such as Chisinau , Tiraspol , Bacioi , Cartuse , Tirnauca , Cetireni , Soroca , Purcari , Orhei , Taraclia , Glodeni , Vadul lui Voda , Ungheni , Truseni , Trebujeni , Tohatin , Straseni , Stauceni , Lalova , Hincesti , Scoreni , Ribnita , Rosu , Ghidighici , Falesti and other areas.

Recommended Hotels in Moldova

Chisinau   (all hotels in Chisinau)

Manhattan Hotel & Restaurant from MDL 1,400
Club Royal Park Hotel from MDL 1,940
Jolly Alon Hotel from MDL 1,532
Jumbo Hotel from MDL 1,042.50
Komilfo Hotel from MDL 1,155
Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel from MDL 0
Savoy from MDL 2,875
Regency Hotel from MDL 1,548
Aparthotel from MDL 800
RentRoomMD New Luxury Apartment from MDL 0

Tiraspol   (all hotels in Tiraspol)

CityClub Hotel from MDL 1,310.65
Timoty Hotel from MDL 549
VVP Club Hotel from MDL 900
Tiraspol Apartments from MDL 850
Apartment in Tiraspol from MDL 600
Apartment in Tiraspol on Komsomolskaya street from MDL 550
Apartment VIP from MDL 600
Apartment Liebknechta 211 from MDL 650
Apartment Younosti street, 46 from MDL 700
Apartment Liebknechta 180 from MDL 680

Best Selling Hotels in Moldova

from MDL 0.00
str. M. Varlaam 77, Chişinău
Centrally located next to Chişinău’s famous Nativity Cathedral, this 4-star hotel offers free parking and free Wi-Fi. It features an elegant restaurant and a free fitness centre with sauna. A rich bu... more info on Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel »

from MDL 1,042.50
Decebal Street 23/3, Chişinău
This strikingly designed, 4-star hotel in Chisinau offers soundproofed rooms with flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi internet, and free guarded parking. It stands directly beside the scenic Rose Valley Park. ... more info on Jumbo Hotel »

from MDL 1,155.00
Pushkin Street 47/1, Chişinău
Located in the central part of Chisinau, this hotel offers rooms with free Wi-Fi, an indoor heated swimming pool and traditional Finnish sauna. Guests enjoy 24-hour room service. Simply furnished, ai... more info on Komilfo Hotel »