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Guest accommodation in Cambodia Accommodation

Why not choose from a wide selection of accommodation in Cambodia with guaranteed cheapest rates online? Our accommodation types range from Cambodia 1* star Hotels , Cambodia 2* star Hotels , Cambodia 3* star Hotels , Cambodia 4* star Hotels , Cambodia 5* star luxury Hotels , Cambodia Apartments , Cambodia Bed and Breakfast , Cambodia Guest accommodation , Cambodia Hostels , Cambodia Motels , Cambodia Residences , Cambodia Resorts .

Popular areas in Cambodia

Accommodation is available throughout Cambodia including most popular areas such as Siem Reap , Phnom Penh , Sihanoukville , Battambang , Kep , Kampot , Krong Kaoh Kong , Kratie , Koh Rong Sanloem , Phumi Taman , Banlung , Sen Monorom , Kampong Cham , Takev , Phumi Cham Yeam , Phumi Kaoh andet , Phumi Kaoh Kong (1) , Koh Rong Island , Kompong Thom , Sisophon , Kaoh Rung (3) , Paoy Pet , Phum Dong , Phumi Preah Haoh , Pursat and other areas.

Recommended Guest accommodation in Cambodia

Siem Reap   (all guest accommodation in Siem Reap)

Retreat Villa Boutique & Spa from US$ 39
Shadow Angkor Villa from US$ 28.50
Sonyn Retreat from US$ 98
Okay Guesthouse Siem Reap from US$ 22.50
Damnak Kunthea Villa from US$ 26
Villa Amalia from US$ 70
Angkor Twinkle Boutique Villa from US$ 64
Billina Boutique from US$ 25
La Rose Blanche Boutique from US$ 55
Eco Villa from US$ 29.75

Phnom Penh   (all guest accommodation in Phnom Penh)

Mysteres & Mekong Phnom Penh Lodge from US$ 59.34
Alibi Guesthouse from US$ 22
Villa Samnang from US$ 35
Skyline Boutique Hotel from US$ 55.20
Villa Borann from US$ 42.30
Velkommen Guesthouse Phnom Penh from US$ 20
Cambo United Guesthouse from US$ 18
The Artist Guesthouse from US$ 26.88
Villa Sovanna Boutique Hotel from US$ 61.60
VMANSION Boutique Hotel from US$ 52

Sihanoukville   (all guest accommodation in Sihanoukville)

The Cove Beach Bungalow Resort from US$ 0
Sunday Guesthouse from US$ 15
Zana Beach Guesthouse from US$ 19
Sakal Guesthouse Restaurant & Bar from US$ 10
Reaksmey Meanrith Guesthouse and Residence from US$ 25
Sunset Lounge from US$ 36
Eden’s Garden from US$ 50
French Garden Resort from US$ 52
Hibiscus Garden from US$ 0
Above Us Only Sky from US$ 55

Battambang   (all guest accommodation in Battambang)

The World Guesthouse from US$ 7
Lux Guesthouse from US$ 16
Delux Villa from US$ 45
The Coconut House from US$ 19
Star Villa Guesthouse from US$ 8
Ramchang Guesthouse from US$ 12
Shang Hai Guesthouse from US$ 6
CHOMKADOUNG Guesthouse from US$ 12
Seasons Guesthouse from US$ 6
Holiday Guesthouse from US$ 5

Kep   (all guest accommodation in Kep)

Brise De Kep Guesthouse & Restaurant from US$ 18
Reaksmey Krong Kep Guesthouse from US$ 25
The Boat House from US$ 18
Ocean Breeze Hotel and Sky Bar from US$ 27
Blue Kep Bungalow from US$ 26.10
Kep Arunrash from US$ 15
Khmer Hands from US$ 10
Samanea Beach Resort from US$ 135
Le Kep Bungalows from US$ 25
Cominsia Lodge from US$ 320

Best Selling Guest accommodation in Cambodia

from US$ 98.00
# 208, Taphoul Road, Taphoul Village, Siem Reap
Placed in the heart of Siem Reap’s Taphul Village and just a 10-minute walk to Pub Street, Night Market and famous Old Market, Sonyn Retreat offers clean and comfortable rooms with air-conditioning. I... more info on Sonyn Retreat »

from US$ 135.00
Street 33A, Kep
Enjoying beautiful sea views, SAMANEA Beach Spa Resort provides charming accommodation in Kep. It offers an outdoor pool, a private beach area and free internet access. The villas are spacious and el... more info on Samanea Beach Resort »

from US$ 29.75
Road 30, Behind Krous High School, Infront of Tropical Restaurant, Siem Reap
Nestled within a natural environment of private gardens, Eco Villa offers accommodating in the heart of Siem Reap. Featuring an outdoor pool, Eco Villa is 2.7 km away from the vibrant Pub Street. Free... more info on Eco Villa »