Izunokuni Ξενοδοχεία

12 Ξενοδοχεία βρέθηκαν σε Izunokuni, Εμφάνιση 1-12

Nanzanso 3 stars (0.97Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 7,000.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 37 σχόλια
Εξαιρετικό 8.1/10 8.1
Nagaoka 1056, Izunokuni 410-2211
Built more than a 100 years ago by one of the famed "Miya-Daiku" temple-builders of Kyoto, Nanzanso is a treasure trove of traditional design and artistry. It offers a hot-spring experience amidst the...

Sanyo-so 5 stars (0.18Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 24,829.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 8.8/10 8.8
Mamamoue 270, Izunokuni 410-2204
Situated inside vast Japanese gardens that change their colours each season, Sanyo-so offers traditional Japanese-style accommodation boasting rich history, Japanese aesthetics and pure tranquillity. ...

Kameya Ean 3 stars (1.46Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 12,000.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 8 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 9.0/10 9.0
Nagaoka 1308, Izunokuni 410-2211
At Kameya Ean, guests stay in Japanese-style rooms and can soothe in the public indoor/outdoor hot-spring baths. Free Wi-Fi is available at the entire property and rental laptops are provided at the f...

Ogawaya 3 stars (0.93Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 7,992.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 5 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 8.7/10 8.7
Nagaoka 1054-3, Izunokuni 410-2211
Boasting spacious indoor and outdoor hot spring baths open 24 hours, Ogawaya is a 10-minute drive or taxi ride from Izu-nagaoka Train Station. Free Wi-Fi is available at the lobby. Free-use outdoor sw...

Komatsuya Hachinobou 3 stars (0.96Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 10,000.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 3 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 9.1/10 9.1
Nagaoka 1056-1, Izunokuni 410-2211
Komatsuya Hachinobo offers guests total relaxation with hot spring baths for public and private use, swimming pools, massages and karaoke. It’s a 10-minute ride from JR Izu Nagaoka Station on the comp...

Hime no Yu 3 stars (0.18Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 0.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
Επαρκές 5.4/10 5.4
Kona 1138, Izunokuni 410-2201
Located in the Izu Nagaoka hot-spring area, Hime no Yu features Japanese-style accommodations and indoor/outdoor public hot-spring baths. Guests can enjoy fireflies during the summer in the traditiona...

Ebisuya 3 stars (0.41Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 0.00
Kona 1186, Izunokuni 410-2201
A 5-minute bus ride from Izu Nagaoka Train Station, Ebisuya offers traditional Japanese accommodation. It also features a hot spring bath, karaoke facilities and wellness treatments. Rooms feature ta...

Izu-Nagaoka Hotel Tenbo 4 stars (1.08Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 23,760.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 2 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 9.2/10 9.2
Nagaoka 431-1, Izunokuni 410-2211
Located on a hilltop, Izunagaoka Hotel Tenbo boasts Japanese-style rooms with views of Mount Fuji and Mount Hakone, natural hot spring baths and karaoke rooms. It offers free Wi-Fi at the lobby and a ...

Futaba 3 stars (0.75Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 31,800.00
Nagaoka 1348-10, Izunokuni 410-2211
Futaba offers free Wi-Fi at the lobby, indoor/outdoor public hot spring baths and traditional Japanese-style accommodations with futon bedding. The property is an 8-minute drive from Izunagaoka Train ...

Daisenya 3 stars (5.18Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 15,750.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
Έξοχο 7.1/10 7.1
Nagoya 655 , Izunokuni 410-2132
Housed in a minimalist-style building, Daisenya offers rooms with sliding glass doors and flat-screen TVs. Offering free parking, it features indoor and outdoor hot springs, massages and a pottery stu...

Sumiyoshikan 3 stars (0Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 28,080.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 2 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 8.6/10 8.6
Kona 1149-1 , Izunokuni 410-2201
Boasting hot-spring baths in the natural beauty of western Izu, Sumiyoshikan is a 3-minute drive from Izu Nagaoka Train Station. Rooms feature Japanese futon beds and a private bathroom. The guest ro...

Sakaya 2 stars (0.96Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 15,750.00
Nagaoka 78, Izunokuni 410-2211
Sakaya offers spacious Japanese-style accommodations with 2 rooms, which are separated by a traditional fusuma paper door. Guests can enjoy views of Mount Fuji from the public outdoor hot-spring baths...