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Izunokuni Ξενοδοχεία

12 Ξενοδοχεία βρέθηκαν σε Izunokuni, Εμφάνιση 1-12

Nanzanso 3 stars (0.97 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 2,500.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 11 σχόλια
Έξοχο 7.6/10 7.6
Nagaoka 1056, Izunokuni 410-2211
Built more than a 100 years ago by one of the famed "Miya-Daiku" temple-builders of Kyoto, Nanzanso is a treasure trove of traditional design and artistry. It offers a hot-spring experience amidst the rich greenery of the Izu Peninsula. Free Wi-Fi is available at the lobby. Nanzanso Ryokan provides traditional Japanese-style accommodation with futon bedding on a tatami (woven-...

Izu-Nagaoka Hotel Tenbo 4 stars (1.08 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 25,920.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 3 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 8.8/10 8.8
Nagaoka 431-1, Izunokuni 410-2211
Located on a hilltop, Izunagaoka Hotel Tenbo boasts Japanese-style rooms with views of Mount Fuji and Mount Hakone, natural hot spring baths and karaoke rooms. It offers free Wi-Fi at the lobby and a free shuttle from Izunagaoka Station. Spacious rooms feature mountain views, shoji paper screens and a seating area with chairs. They feature a tatami (woven mat) floor, tradition...

Sanyo-so 5 stars (0.18 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 34,400.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 8.8/10 8.8
Mamamoue 270, Izunokuni 410-2204
Situated inside vast Japanese gardens that change their colours each season, Sanyo-so offers traditional Japanese-style accommodation boasting rich history, Japanese aesthetics and pure tranquillity. Guests can stroll around the gardens or soak in the natural hot spring baths. Izu Nagaoka Train Station is a 5-minute drive away. Offering a relaxing ambience and historic charm, ...

Kameya Ean 3 stars (1.46 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 12,000.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 9.6/10 9.6
Nagaoka 1308, Izunokuni 410-2211
At Kameya Ean, guests stay in Japanese-style rooms and can soothe in the public indoor/outdoor hot-spring baths. Free Wi-Fi is available at the entire property and rental laptops are provided at the front desk. A free shuttle is offered from Izu Nagaoka Train Station, which is a 10-minute drive away. The air-conditioned rooms feature Mount Fuji views, tatami (woven-straw) floo...

Ogawaya 3 stars (0.93 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 7,800.00
Nagaoka 1054-3, Izunokuni 410-2211
Boasting spacious indoor and outdoor hot spring baths open 24 hours, Ogawaya is a 10-minute drive or taxi ride from Izu-nagaoka Train Station. Free Wi-Fi is available at the lobby. Free-use outdoor swimming pool is open during summer. Featuring tatami (woven-straw) flooring and traditional futon bedding, each room comes with wide windows and a comfortable seating area. Facilit...

Sumiyoshikan 3 stars (0 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 28,080.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
θαυμάσια 9.2/10 9.2
Kona 1149-1 , Izunokuni 410-2201
Boasting hot-spring baths in the natural beauty of western Izu, Sumiyoshikan is a 3-minute drive from Izu Nagaoka Train Station. Rooms feature Japanese futon beds and a private bathroom. The guest rooms at Sumiyoshikan Ryokan have tatami (woven-straw) floors and traditional decor. Each has a fridge, and the en suite bathroom includes a bathtub. The Deluxe room has a private ou...

Futaba 3 stars (0.75 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 31,800.00
Nagaoka 1348-10, Izunokuni 410-2211
Futaba offers free Wi-Fi at the lobby, indoor/outdoor public hot spring baths and traditional Japanese-style accommodations with futon bedding. The property is an 8-minute drive from Izunagaoka Train Station on the Izu Hakone Line. Air conditioned rooms feature tatami (woven-straw) flooring, a low table with cushions and an en suite bathroom. Each comes with a refrigerator, Yu...

Daisenya 3 stars (5.18 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 15,750.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
Έξοχο 7.1/10 7.1
Nagoya 655 , Izunokuni 410-2132
Housed in a minimalist-style building, Daisenya offers rooms with sliding glass doors and flat-screen TVs. Offering free parking, it features indoor and outdoor hot springs, massages and a pottery studio. Izu Hatake Onsen Daisenya is a 10-minute drive from R Kannami Train Station and the heritage site of Egawa Tei. It is 15 minutes’ drive from Katsuragiyama Panorama Park. Off...

Komatsuya Hachinobou 3 stars (0.96 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 21,600.00
Nagaoka 1056-1, Izunokuni 410-2211
Komatsuya Hachinobo offers guests total relaxation with hot spring baths for public and private use, swimming pools, massages and karaoke. It’s a 10-minute ride from JR Izu Nagaoka Station on the complimentary shuttle. Free Wi-Fi is available at the lobby. Designed in the elegant Japanese Sukiya Zukuri style, rooms feature a tatami (woven-straw) floor and traditional futon bed...

Hime no Yu 3 stars (0.18 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 21,600.00
Αποτέλεσμα από 1 σχόλια
Επαρκές 5.4/10 5.4
Kona 1138, Izunokuni 410-2201
Located in the Izu Nagaoka hot-spring area, Hime no Yu features Japanese-style accommodations and indoor/outdoor public hot-spring baths. Guests can enjoy fireflies during the summer in the traditional garden that lights up during the night. A free shuttle is available from Izunagaoka Train Station, which is also a 10-minute walk away. The air-conditioned rooms feature tatami ...

Ebisuya 3 stars (0.41 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 15,120.00
Kona 1186, Izunokuni 410-2201
A 5-minute bus ride from Izu Nagaoka Train Station, Ebisuya offers traditional Japanese accommodation. It also features a hot spring bath, karaoke facilities and wellness treatments. Rooms feature tatami (woven-straw) flooring and Japanese futon bedding. They also come with a seating area and flat-screen TV. Bathroom facilities are shared. Ebisuya provides 2 indoor and 2 outd...

Sakaya 2 stars (0.96 Km » Izunokuni)
από JPY 15,750.00
Nagaoka 78, Izunokuni 410-2211
Sakaya offers spacious Japanese-style accommodations with 2 rooms, which are separated by a traditional fusuma paper door. Guests can enjoy views of Mount Fuji from the public outdoor hot-spring baths and request massages for an extra cost. A free shuttle is available from Izu Nagaoka Train, which is a 10-minute drive away and must be reserved at time of booking. The air-condi...

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Τύποι ξενοδοχείου

10 Ξενοδοχεία
2* αστέρων ξενοδοχεία1 Ξενοδοχεία
3* αστέρων ξενοδοχεία9 Ξενοδοχεία
4* αστέρων ξενοδοχεία1 Ξενοδοχεία
5 * αστέρων πολυτελών ξενοδοχείων1 Ξενοδοχεία


Wi-Fi / Ασύρματο LAN15 Ξενοδοχεία
Δωμάτια / εγκαταστάσεις για ΑμΕΑ1 Ξενοδοχεία
Επιτρέπονται τα κατοικίδια4 Ξενοδοχεία
Εστιατόριο1 Ξενοδοχεία
Εσωτερική πισίνα2 Ξενοδοχεία
Κέντρο ευεξίας και σπα2 Ξενοδοχεία
Κλιματισμός24 Ξενοδοχεία
Οικογενειακά δωμάτια13 Ξενοδοχεία
Συμπεριλαμβάνεται δωρεάν πρόσβαση WiFi Internet 14 Ξενοδοχεία
Χώρος στάθμευσης (με επιπλέον χρέωση)4 Ξενοδοχεία

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κάτω των 10000 JPY 
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από 15000 JPY με 30000 JPY 
πάνω από 30000 JPY 

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2* αστέρων ξενοδοχεία σε Izunokuni
3* αστέρων ξενοδοχεία σε Izunokuni
4* αστέρων ξενοδοχεία σε Izunokuni
5 * αστέρων πολυτελών ξενοδοχείων σε Izunokuni

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