Köln Apartments
Aachener Str. 48 (Köln) 50674

Köln Apartments
The apartments are situated in Cologne city centre, 200 metres from Rudolfplatz and 500 metres from Friesenplatz. Köln apartments feature a well-equipped kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave. All Köln Apartments feature a seating area with a TV and stereo system. All apartments are easily reached by elevator. Köln Apartments offer good public transport links. Rudolfplatz is 4 direct tram stops from the Kölnmesse Exhibition Centre and 5 stops from the Lanxess Arena. There are many cafés, bars and restaurants near Köln Apartments here in Cologne's main shopping streets. Cologne's Old Town and Cologne Cathedral are within a 20-minute walk.
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Καλό 6.5/10
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Despite its flaws this was still good value for money, self catering in a perfect location, suprisingly quiet, just outside the city centre, within walking distance of everything you could need. Just 10/15 minutes walk to the Dom, and when it's time to head home the S-Bahn can drop you off straight on your doorstep. room was okay for the money, not far from the centre of town.
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EUR 45.00
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