Vadstrup 4 (Samsø) 8305

This countryside hotel is on Samsø Island. Set in a late 1700s building, it has a café, a shop and a spacious garden with a pond. All guest rooms at Vadstrup1771 have wooden floors and garden views. Toilets and showers are either private or shared. Guests can enjoy Italian-inspired lunch dishes based on local ingredients in the on-site café. The Italian-themed shop sells wine, olive oil and freshly baked bread. The hotel's private art gallery features artworks from artist Rie Toft as well as different guest artists. Sælvig Beach and Samsø Golf Club are within 10 minutes’ drive of Vadstrup1771. Other nearby leisure options include hiking and fishing.
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The owner couple was very friendly and hotel was nice, cosy and very clean. Everything was excellent . Thankyou very much. the toilet was together with shower on corridor (shared), so it took ages to get to toilet as same persons used toilet + shower (I mean you could not used only toilet meanwhile others could have used shower meanwhile). that is the only minus we could say.
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Important information to guests

A deposit via bank wire is required to secure your reservation. Vadstrup1771 will contact you with instructions after booking. If you expect to arrive after 19:00, please inform Vadstrup1771 in advance. Please note that the café is open Tuesday-Sunday, from 13:00 until 17:00. It is closed on Mondays. Please note that an extra charge applies when you pay with a credit card.

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